going mental (5) awesome shit

I was an RA in college, and we had to around while all of our students moved out. You would be blown away at the awesome that rich college students throw away just because they are too lazy to pack it all up and bring it home for the summer.

I'm a . Professionally, I'm very confident. But personally I spend a lot of time wondering what could've happened in my life but didn't. I like to think it makes me more prepared. I like to be on top of , which is why I don't ever want to be blindsided like that ever again. You got that?

I had an Italian dealer that came in on an afternoon where no cars had been sold yet (normally 10-15 would have already been sold that point), picked up a chair and threw it through the front plate glass window; he said he needed to "let the evil spirit out". To his , we sold 20 the rest of the day, probably because the salesmen were terrified.

You can also put some self-employment down. My company just hired a guy with a 15-year employment gap that was covered with "Freelance Graphic Designer". Everyone else seemed to it but me. I have a three-year gap myself where I was "freelancing." Not a lie, since I picked up several freelance jobs over that time period, along with a bunch of other odd jobs, but it always cracks me up when I see that on someone resume, too.

I showed a coworker my 401k balance once. He was shocked at how fast it could grow, and how stuffing it during bad times meant that during good times it rocketed upwards. It now increases by more than the amount I every year. It's to watch it grow, kind of mesmerizing. I'd rather watch it than spend it, actually.

Okay, here's the . When a customer wants to buy some cocaine, he'll pull up, hand you his keys, and ask, "Are you the party king?" -- Gotcha. Cocaine, keys, party king. -- You okay? Sure. Why? -- Because you're acting jittery as hell. -- No, I'm cool, man. I this.

I'm miserable all the time now. I can't seem to catch a . I'm sure I'll be fired at some point because I just can't focus, I'm the world in a daze. I hate my job anyway, so they'd be doing me a favor.