going mental (6) borderline suicidal

One weekend about a month ago Luke came to the that our relationship needed to be put on hold while he thought about things. The few days following this I was a wreck, an absolute mess. I ended up losing nearly 6lbs and went from being manic to suicidal to furious, to scared out of my to confused and all the way back around again.

A year ago this man asked me to go ring shopping so he knew the right type of ring to get me one day. Today he is not sure he wants to even be with me anymore. I believed that he was "The One". I still believe that he is my soulmate. My heart still a beat when I see him. I keep all the movie stubs and other little things that remind me of him. I'm struggling to . It hurts so much I frankly wish I were dead.

Chris' dad cheated on his wife with her sister. It turned Chris' mom into a . At one point she swallowed some pills in a desperate attempt to get him back. Chris is doing fine now, but it definitely took a on him.

My problem is that I need space; I have a lot of stuff and 1100sqft won't cut it. I also need a decent-sized garage as I'd rather not store a ton of equipment in the house. That cuts down on home options. Ideally, I would like to avoid moving out of the area. Moving into Baltimore City could be an option, but crime/property taxes are enough to give me .

Then I mentioned something about always admiring his work and his talent, which is when Dad interrupted me and said, "For what it's , you're way more talented than I ever was." That hit me like a ton of . I mean, it just totally stopped me in my tracks. Next thing I knew, I'm all choked up and back tears. I did not see that coming at all. Him saying that just knocked the wind out of me / floored me.

It's not about the money for me anymore, Mrs. Jones. The fact is, if I don't feel passionately about a client, if I don't feel that fire in my , I don't bring my A-game to court, and from what I've read, it'll my A-game to save your husband. Look, your husband berserk and attacked a man in court. It may have been a jealousy thing, but that doesn't make it any less serious.