Running Down a Dream (3) 427 and Counting

The race starts. Mike keeps up a good pace and feels fine. But there's a make-or-break point in every race where you hit a wall and you have a big decision to make. you push through the pain or you give up and go home. If you break through that wall, you've made it. But it's really to just quit at that point and go take a hot bath. You need to want to make it really badly or you'll almost certainly .

Turns out Mike did want it badly enough. When he felt that he was about to hit the wall, he made an to think of something to stop him from giving up. He pictured the he would feel if he quit. He imagined the he was going to feel if he made it. And in the Mike turned back into the person he be. The accident didn't anymore.

On January 31, 2015 Mike Marsella the 427th American to break the four-minute mile. Three minutes, 59 seconds point 97. That's just under four minutes. But it counts. There's a picture of Mike at the scoreboard. You can tell from the on his face what a this is. He did it. He's still him. And now he can get on with his life.