No Peaking (1) Dazzling Smiles

In grade school there was this girl named Barbara in my class. She had long shiny hair and wore outfits. Barbara was a -A student. She had a dazzling smile that she used to new friends. The teachers all loved Barbara. The boys were crazy about her. The girls wanted to be like her, or that, be her friend. Not many succeeded.

Barbara and I ended up in different junior high schools and met up again in senior high. Barbara was in my home room. But I didn't know that until was called. I stared at her in . This plain, chubby, girl with the glasses, the old-lady haircut and bad skin was Barbara? She wandered the halls alone, with school work, and eventually into the background. I lost of her after high school.

There was another Barbara who was queen by then. (What is it with the name Barbara?) Her family was pretty well-off and she always had money to . She was and cocky; an athlete with the body and face of a supermodel. She was also the nasty bitch around every other female apart from her two best friends, not to mention cruel and mean to any guy that she didn't think was up to her .