No Peaking (2) Queen Bee

The other Barbara was so busy being cool that she made it through high school. She ended up out of community college and married a local farm boy who was once a football star, but then turned into a big, disgusting pig. People who still live in the same town often report sightings of her.

Apparently, she's like the girl she was back in high school. In fact, she couldn't be further away from her old self. This girl used to have it all and she got and pissed it all away. Now she'll spend the rest of her life wondering what could have been.

I was never really part of any group. I had some smart friends, a bunch of really weird friends, one or two sporty friends, maybe an friend. Some of them were even part of the popular , believe it or not. Even though I was never the academic type, I got in lots of stuff and had a pretty good time in high school.

But it wasn't until college that I really and unexpectedly came into my . Not only did I start getting A's the board, I also won awards and scholarships and made a ton of friends in the . My energy was off the – I hardly ever missed school, I wrote for the college paper, and I art classes. Oh, and in the evenings I waited tables (I had to put myself through school) and then partied until the wee hours.