No Peaking (3) Peaks and Valleys

So I guess that was my peak. All things , not a bad time to peak. Although in it would have been nice to save some of that energy for later. It might have helped me fame and fortune, both of which I'm still after. Life has dipped and off since then, which is not a bad thing. I couldn't have kept up that intensity for long anyway. And who knows, there may be another, less high for me somewhere down the .

It's interesting the paths that lives take. The kids we were so jealous of back in the day — the ones who made other kids' lives a hell — are usually leading very ordinary and even lives now. Many of the nerds that had an awful time growing up on the other hand have actually pretty well for themselves. (Except for those who were so damaged by bullying that they became killers.)

The I'm trying to make here is this -- when your kid comes home in tears because they've been by some jock or a prom queen, just tell them to be brave, in there, and it out. The bastard has some sweet revenge coming their soon enough.