The Rat Race

Back when I first started looking for work, I used to think I could resist the . I thought I could the pressure. I felt sorry for people who were stuck in a job. I thought I was different from everyone else. That's how naive I was.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty unique guy. And I like to things up. So I fought the system for a long time. I stayed up past my . I went to concerts on weeknights. I listened to music really loud in the morning my neighbors' complaints. I rode my bike to work even when it was really cold out. I joined a softball team I'm really bad at sports.

But I just kept getting more and more tired and I ended up staying at the office pretty much every day. There were always deadlines to and I found myself constantly on work. Eventually I fell into a rhythm: I'd come home exhausted, I'd watch a little TV, and then I'd asleep on the couch.

Somewhere along the line I stopped out with my friends and I didn't get invited to parties anymore. At one point I realized I had no social life at all. That really me out. Now I know I can't do this for the next forty years. I just waking up and not knowing what's going to happen.