New Year's Resolutions (2a)

3am I had broken two out of my four resolutions. It was another nine hours before I broke the third one, which was to get up at a hour in the morning.

As a I get to sleep as late as I want, which is an amazing perk that I'm thankful and wouldn't it for anything.

But it also means I miss on some stuff, like watching my kids leave school or kissing my wife goodbye on her way out the door. These are all little things, but as far as I'm concerned they're the things that make life living.

is why I decided not to sleep on January 1. I was to get up with the rest of the family and be part of the morning routine for . Well, that was the plan anyway.

In reality, I didn't see the light of day until my eight-year-old son walked into the room at noon, me in the ribs and out, "You were right, mom, the old man's still asleep."