New Year's Resolutions (2b)

My son had made a resolution of his own, because the thing I knew, there was a cup of instant coffee on the nightstand. He had made it , brought it and now he stood there, proud of himself and waiting for me to drink it. I did.

I don't to sound ungrateful, but it was the most disgusting thing that I have ever tasted. I later apologized my son for spitting the coffee back into the cup almost immediately.

I explained that it was a survival instinct and he shouldn't take it personally. It was the coffee or his dad. One of them wasn't going to it.

Yes, I take sugar, but I don't fill half the cup with it. And yes, I do like my coffee pretty strong. But a single teaspoonful is good enough for me. Six of them, not so much.

I I'd been a little more polite when I my first sip, but it's hard to be polite when your whole body is fighting to stay alive. And when my fourth resolution, which was not to in front of the kids, went out the .