Roommate From Hell (1) Comes With The Territory

My boyfriend has a roommate, let's call him Fred. Fred has my boyfriend I have known him. He will steal his money, sweatpants, weed, and food, and my boyfriend refuses to do anything it. He won't even because he is scared that he will get kicked out.

I have bought maybe three times because there was never anything here, but I eventually stopped because my boyfriend wouldn't even touch half of it. His roommate simply take it and finish it without asking permission. When we leave, we come back to empty cereal boxes and milk jugs and Fred over to the sink to hide the bowl he just ate cereal . It's like he wants us to believe these groceries are disappearing for no reason.

However, I blame this on my boyfriend. He's unwilling to himself. Instead of speaking up he just and says, "that's what having a roommate." I keep explaining to him that he's not paying rent to his food eaten and things stolen. Fred has even gone take money out of my boyfriend's rent envelope he usually in the kitchen drawer.