Roommate From Hell (2) There Goes The Spark

Now he has to be careful to hide everything, even though Fred will still find a way to get to things. He's not going through my boyfriends personal while he's asleep. (My boyfriend's room is the living room, so he's not supposed to lock the door or anything).

Anyway, Fred bought a Playstation 4 recently. We never ask to use it, but when I come there's nothing for us to do just sit here and watch him play. My boyfriend went and bought GTA 5, which we asked Fred if we could borrow his Playstation to use when he wasn't home and he agreed, we let him play, too. enough. It's his game system, so we don't him use it.

But it's gotten to where he will barely play his own games anymore. He has stayed up all night playing our game without offering the controller once. I'm a little by this because I would like to play in a while, too. But my boyfriend won't or even let me say anything.

It's making me less attracted to him, that's for sure. I hate the way he just lets people walk all over him. It's unattractive to me, and it would be to most women. I'm a very person and being stuck with a is getting on my nerves. I can't see myself being with someone long-term if they can't stand up for . It's honestly making me this whole relationship.