Soccer Gear (1) The Weekend

I had a pretty busy weekend, especially it was a weekend that we made no plans for. When our plans for a trip to the mountains through, I started looking forward to having a nice quiet weekend for once. Well, it wasn't to be.

On Saturday I off puppy class. I had already told the teacher I wouldn't be there because we were going to be out of town. Now that I knew we were staying home I could have called her and asked her to me back in, but in the end I was too lazy to. Also, I hate making people change their schedule on such short .

I did have acupuncture, , it was a quick appointment. Karen was ten minutes late and then for some reason we started yakking and the time she put the needles in, I only had twenty minutes . Even though she assures me that it is enough time, I have to it with the chatting. I can get really chatty (can you tell?) and need to be when I ramble too much.

Then Sarah had a soccer game on Sunday morning. Since we were supposed to be out of town, she did not bring her soccer to our place. We called Robyn to ask if she could bring the , shorts, cleats and shin guards, etc. Robyn is a "coach." I put that in because she is basically more of a cheerleader. She has never played soccer in her life and I don't think she really knows the rules. She just jumps up and down and yells a lot.