sorry, mom (1) no stopping her

Growing up I used to be embarrassed to friends over because I was ashamed of my mother. She was anyone else that I knew, which was not a good thing. Her behavior me crazy. I couldn't be around her without constantly her or yelling at her. And the more time I spent with her, the more disrespectful I was towards her.

Looking back, I feel incredibly because none of it was really her fault. My mother is actually a wonderful person. There's nothing mean-spirited about her. She never people. She wants to get along with everybody and she usually does. I have a lot of for her now, but I didn't then.

The thing is, my mother has some sort of a medical condition that makes her behave very . She can't sit still. She getting up from her chair and sitting back down without actually doing anything in between. She laughs out loud without having anything to laugh .

There are a lot of monologues that go on forever that make no sense to and sometimes even us family members. When she gets going like that, no stopping her. you can do is just stare at the floor and wait for it to end. As a child, I didn't realize it was by mental illness. No one to tell me. Now I know why.