[BoS3] Stoked

from all those troubles, though, I really can't complain too much. I'm actually pretty these days, 'cause my birthday's coming up on May 8. I've been my brain, trying to come up with something really great to do this year, especially considering how much last year .

I had a party at my place, and a whole of people I didn't know showed up. I made $150 admission, but Wes all over my couch, and between paying for the couch clean-up and the two of Bud, I wound up losing like $40. Plus, my pad smelled like shit for weeks. Only after I found all the hidden cups was I able to get of the stink.

By now, you've probably deduced that I ain't too to throw another party this year. Not only do I not want to deal with the , but the car I've currently got can't a keg in it. My younger cousin Dave says he'll help me out with it, but that's just an for him to bring his high-school buddies over for beer.

Friends, Jim Anchower may not be the brightest on the tree but there are tricks he won't fall for. Not five times in a  , anyway.