Boiler-Room Tony (1) Dirty Looks


Let me start with an obvious question. Why did you change your last name? What was it made you do it?

First of all, I admit it's a bit unusual someone to change their last name but at the time I felt I simply had to. I to hate my last name. I'd had people insult me and me dirty looks after hearing it. Some people were really to me even though they must have known it wasn't my fault. You don't choose your name, do you? Someone else chooses it for you and there's nothing you can do it. Anyway, I got sick of to explain about my name every time it came in a conversation.

You still haven't explained why you decided to change the name in the first . Did it sound stupid? Were there other people with the same name that you didn't want to be with?

Obviously, the whole thing had to do with my mother being a well-known person. See, my mother was a big shot communism. Back then, spineless people really had a , huh? Listen to me, calling my own mother spineless. Now, that's something you don't do every day. Anyway, it's no secret that my mother and I never got . As I got older, we would spend hours arguing at the dinner table. We had no respect for each choices in life. It simply got to a where I didn't want us to share the same name .