Unfrozen (1) The Feed

CASEY: Hi. What can I do for you?
RICHARD: Well, I'm trouble connecting to my social media feed.
CASEY: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I hate that happens.
RICHARD: That's nice of you to say. The other guy gave me this whole so...
CASEY: They do do that. I wish they wouldn't. It's just mean, and .
RICHARD: It is, isn't it? . Takes all kinds, right?
CASEY: Yeah. see what's going on here. Huh. This is weird. Hold on.
RICHARD: Can I ask you a question? It's personal.
CASEY: Sure. .
RICHARD: Are you a person? Like, an person?
CASEY: Not . But I used to be.
RICHARD: What does that mean?
CASEY: I had my brain frozen. I've been off the ice for just three months.
RICHARD: I see. Well, I've been much longer. And it hasn't been all fun and games, in case you .
CASEY: I'm not very so far , to be honest.
RICHARD: I can't you. I wish I could tell you will get better. But I don't want to get your up.