Unfrozen (2) The Freak Show

CASEY: Oh. That's disappointing. And what you do here?
RICHARD: This is a little embarrassing, but... I'm a freak show at the museum.
CASEY: Oh, that means you talk to real people.
RICHARD: Depends on what you mean by real people. There's a lot of jerks out there.
CASEY: Still, I'm so you. I hardly ever get to interact with people.
RICHARD: Trust me, you're not missing out on anything.
CASEY: I . Wait, I see what the problem is with your feed. All the old stuff reorganized.
RICHARD: I've been told that this might happen. Can you fix it?
CASEY: I'll see what I can do. a second.
RICHARD: Take . I got nothing but time. Boy, this is depressing.
CASEY: I get it. to lose my old videos, too.
RICHARD: Sometimes I get the feeling that if it wasn't the videos, life wouldn't living.
CASEY: I know what you mean. I was so when I realized I could watch my grandson grow up. I even got to watch his wedding. It made me cry. They're not all fun to watch, .
RICHARD: Tell me about it. My wife got remarried. My son called the new guy dad.
CASEY: Oh. That been painful to watch.
RICHARD: It sure was. Also, there was this awful picture of me she knew I hated but every anniversary she put it up .
CASEY: What did you expect her to do, kill herself? I'm sorry. That was so rude.
RICHARD: Don't worry about it.