Unfrozen (3) Creeped Out

RICHARD: So... were you married?
CASEY: Yeah. My husband was actually who this stuff. I kind of just went it to make him happy.
RICHARD: Oh yeah? How does he the future now?
CASEY: They weren't able to bring him back. How's irony? I didn't even ask to be here and here I am.
RICHARD: Myself, I a rock climbing gym. My clients sold me on this thing. I'd said no.
CASEY: Yeah. I thought at they'd be able to save our heads.
RICHARD: They really should have done a . I mean, what's the living like this?
CASEY: Right. I yoga way back when. Now I have to use a walker to .
RICHARD: Me too. I saw myself in the mirror once and got totally .
CASEY: I know, right? Anyway, I solved your problem.
RICHARD: Great. try it out. Yep, seems to be working. Thank you so much.
CASEY: Easy peasy. Happy to help.