Unfrozen (4) The Games

RICHARD: I have about a hundred years worth of football games to catch .
CASEY: Ok. You'd get started then.
RICHARD: This has been really fun. But I should going.
CASEY: Those games won't watch , will they?
RICHARD: ... would you mind if I called you sometime, privately?
CASEY: You're welcome to give me a call anytime. Unless I'm too forward.
RICHARD: Not at all. I'd love to talk. Does ten at night for you?
CASEY: Actually, I tend to be asleep ten. How about eight?
RICHARD: Sure. Eight . I'll talk to you soon. Oh, wait. Damn it.
CASEY: What, are you canceling on me? Did another brain in a jar just on you?
RICHARD: No. I made a request to be refrozen and it has just been .
CASEY: Oh. That's too bad. We really hit it . Isn't there something you can do?
RICHARD: Let me think. Why don't I call them and ask them to ?
CASEY: All right. Let me know how it . I'd love to talk to you again.
RICHARD: So would I. Well, fingers .