What Women (Don't) Want (1)

01. We very close attention to the way you treat your mother. You'll probably never notice, but we do.
02. The you refuse to touch us in public, the relationship is . You might as well start packing your bags.
03. The way to woman's heart is through her stomach. If you know how to bake chocolate-chip cookies from , you're basically irresistible.

04. We don't expect the two of us to agree on every little thing. In fact, that'd be . We actually want you to have an opinion.
05. We will never ever stop what happened to the one that got away. You're just going to to learn to live with it.
06. Look, we could easily change the flat tire . But we love it when you offer to do it for us.

07. A good way to break the ice is to mention how stupid beer commercials are. It doesn't matter if you love them, just pretend to be by them. It'll get you a lot of points.
08. If it feels like you're being tested, you are probably being tested. Think of it as an opportunity to up your game.
09. None of us wants to be to at a sporting event. That's your thing. Don't us through that. Most of us would die alone than see our face on that giant screen.