the great zucchini (2) my shtick

I don't do shows for older kids. I have to be offered a lot of money to do those. I have been asked to do parties for eight-year-olds and I them down politely, knowing it would have been a . This may have something to do with the that I'm not good at what's called "real magic."

I don't know how to juggle. I can't make things disappear or appear out of . There are no rabbits in my show, rabbits that turn into other animals. I wouldn't know how to make that . All I know how to do is trip over things and fall and to get hurt. Little kids seem to love that. I'm afraid older kids would be bored and I'd just be making a of myself.

My shtick is being a old clown who has no skills and can't get anything right, but keeps trying. No how many times this guy falls on his ass, he just gets up and going. There's something sweet and uplifting about that. Even kids can feel it. So this is what I do for a . And I'm not ashamed of it, in case you .