The Great Zucchini (3-b) Priorities

You're supposed to start getting a bed, right? I mean, a fridge, a bed is something most people can't live . Anyway, my friend came a couple days after I moved in, expecting to see a bed. , there was an air-hockey table in the middle of the room.

My priorities are a little different from everyone , I guess. Like, I don't sleeping on the floor. I need is a mattress and a blanket and a of pillows and I'm all . A bed is just a bed. It's something to sleep . Nothing to be excited .

You don't get excited about going to bed. At least I don't. I get excited about playing air hockey and competing in general. , now that I think about it, a bed would be nice. I'll probably one as soon as I save up a little money. Those air hockey tables aren't cheap, you know.