That's How I Plan On Leaving (1)

I've never seen the man read a book. Not once. One time I saw his high school card, and the only class he got an 'A' in was . His parents couldn't to send him to college, so right after school he got a job stocking produce at a local food market. The owners realized he had a for numbers and promoted him to manager at the age of twenty.

He met my mother at the store. They got married, and not long afterward I came . For as long as I can remember, the store has been a huge part of his life. But it was never an . Whenever he was home with us, he was fully present. His family was his sweet spot. He didn't mind not able to hang out with his buddies. He was madly in love with my mom. And his of a good time was spending time with his kids.

I used to think that dad was just a 'family man.' But as I got older, I realized that his 'family' included the folks who worked for him. Nobody leaves our store. Our employees around because my dad takes good care of them. He has their , through divorces, parenting issues, health problems. One of our managers has a brain , and my dad's the one who drives him to the .