My Rusty Old German (1) Trainwreck

ME: Hey man, what are you so up about?
FR: I just spoke German with this guy from Switzerland.
ME: And?
FR: And I . It was a total .
ME: It can't have been. I've heard you talk German.
FR: You ?
ME: Oh yeah. And it sounded fine me.
FR: That's because you don't speak word of German.
ME: Good .
FR: I mean, anything sounds good to you.
ME: That's probably true. , no need to insult me.
FR: Sorry, I overreacted. It's just I'm still kind of by the whole thing.
ME: Why? I mean, what's the big ?
FR: Well, it's not like my German was perfect, but at least I could make myself .
ME: You mean you can't anymore?
FR: Just . I haven't spoken German in years and I'm rusty.
ME: Oh. That's bad, man.
FR: Yeah, tell me about it.
ME: Where did you learn German anyway? In college?
FR: No, I up the basics when I worked in Austria.
ME: When was that?
FR: In my early twenties, if I remember .
ME: Wait, they speak German in Austria?
FR: Duh. What language did you think they spoke?
ME: Never mind. Just forget it.