My Rusty Old German (2) Long Way To Go

FR: So what do you do when your German you down?
ME: I usually back on English. Everyone speaks English, don't they?
FR: And how is your English to your German?
ME: I'd say it's a little better, but it's from perfect.
FR: What do you mean?
ME: Like, I can most of my thoughts, but not as as I'd like to.
FR: So you couldn't pass for a speaker.
ME: No. I still have a long way to go before I get to that point.
FR: Well, as long as you're of making conversation.
ME: Right. Well, I hope I am. I'm not so sure anymore.
FR: Hey, don't get all on yourself like that.
ME: How can I not? I've been studying my off for years now and what do I have to for it?
FR: Look, for what it's , I'm jealous of you.
ME: What's to be jealous about?
FR: Well, for one I can only wish I spoke a foreign language.
ME: Yeah, I get that. But the thing is, I to be so much better.