Oh This Wedding (4-1) The Deadbeat

When I realized I had turned up at the wrong church I got into my car and over to where the wedding actually took place. I got there just in time to see the bride and groom drive off to the reception. I knew a shortcut to the bar where it was taking place, I was able to get there before everyone else.

Ron, the who owes me at least $10 by now, was the first to join me. I him in on my of an afternoon and he suggested that we make up for it by getting a on the rest of the party. He then ordered a bucket of beer, which is a really cool thing to do, he was on cash, so as usual I ended up paying for most of it. We were both pretty thirsty so that bucket didn't last too long. did the next one.

We made short work of that bucket, being thirsty and all. We spent the next few hours near the bar, the breeze and talking about the people around. By about the seventh beer, I remembered the boots.

I had to pay the bride and groom my respects, and better way than by giving them my old boots? That's kind of my move at weddings. It doesn't cost me anything and everyone always there's some deep meaning behind it so no one ever asks any questions.