Oh This Wedding (4-2) Woozy'n'Wasted

Every wedding I invited to, I always give the happy couple some old boots that I would throw away. It doesn't cost me anything and everyone always there's some deep meaning behind it so no one asks any questions.

As I got the boots out of the trunk, I noticed some motor oil had spilled on them, and the fumes were making me . I was pretty wasted by then and this didn't help. I a few deep breaths, and went back. On the way in, I accidentally into the door and over a table with a big plate of meat. I got a couple of dirty looks but at that point I was too drunk to care.

Next I over to the wedding table and said, "My dearest friends, I'd like you to have these boots as a of this happy occasion." Or that's what I to say. Instead, according to Ron, I them by the laces, swung them over my head, shouted, "Raaah! Here come the boots!" and hit Heather over the head with them.

Heather jumped up, screaming about the oil on her dress. I didn't really see what the big was but Josh, who apparently had also had a bit too much to drink, stood up, walked to me and got in my face looking like he was going to me a new one.