wrong side of the road (2) hating on my car

The car only had 60K miles on and is in good enough condition. It's had no major rework or accidents, which is good to know. The only problem with the car, or my problem rather, is that it's a manual and I've been driving a manual for the grand total of 1 week ( is how long I have owned it). The thing is, I need a car that makes me feel safe and welcome and this one doesn't. I need my car to be comfortable and reliable, but instead it stresses me out. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot or maybe we weren't meant for each other. way, we seem to be at cross purposes and since I don't really care fault it is, I'm putting my foot down. I'm giving the car one month to become friends with me. If we don't start to get along, the car will go and we'll both be better .

You pay a good amount of money for something and you expect to be a bond between you and that thing, right? Well, that is not the with my Skoda. I feel that my car is to scare the crap out of me or just make me miserable. I swear that each time I do something--start out, shift, make an uphill start, you name it—the car does something really unexpected that catches me guard. Don't get me wrong, I'm not experimenting with it or anything. In fact, I try very hard to. I do everything the same way I did last time when it worked just fine. However, the moment I start to think I'm getting the hang of this car, that's it start acting out again and totally throws me off balance.

It actually got to the point where I'm now having second thoughts about the England thing. how much it bothers me. a result, I'm hating on my Skoda right now and I'm not too excited about driving it. As all that wasn't enough, now I'm worried about the driving tests too. I was hoping to avoid them, but it turns if I want to keep driving in the UK Oct 4th I'll eventually need to take them. I'm trying not to be a downer this and find the silver lining but there doesn't seem to be any. Maybe sharing my story with all of you (whoever you are) I can convince myself to push with the driving thing.