wrong side of the road (4) uphill starts

I'm not a 100% sure that the reasons to keep trying completely outweigh the reasons I want to quit. But it's a start and I can't let myself give in to . There's also the possibility that I'm going about this all wrong. I might be wasting my time trying to adapt. Maybe I never have moved here in the first place. But I can't throw in the towel just yet. I would never be able to myself for not trying harder. Also, I'd spend the rest of my life wondering if I gave up too soon and wishing I had given it another .

So I'll keep trying until I know for sure this is not going to work. I told my car today that she'd start bonding with me or she's going up for sale. If she heard me, she'll probably try to get me to follow through with my . I'm sure she doesn't like me and can't wait to be out of here. That may very well be what happens in the end, but not a while. The car too must be pretty curious to see how it pans out. That two of us. Wait, did I just convince myself that the car is like a human being that I can with? I really need to get a on myself.

This morning I practiced driving in our parking area that has a slight uphill slant. The goal was to the dreaded uphill start. I set a few rules for myself: 1. Kate must make 10 uphill starts in a ; 2. If the car stalls out, Kate must start over at zero without out, kicking the tires and calling her husband in tears; 3. Once Kate reaches 10 successful uphill starts she can back down the drive and stop practicing; 4. Kate is not to stop practicing until she reaches 10 successful uphill starts.

It took over an hour and I actually did to the rules. It was a relief to know that our upstairs neighbors were at work when I did this. I hate watched when I'm struggling and I sure as was struggling this time. The good news is that I did in fact make 10 successful uphill starts in a row. Now I just need to try it on a steeper slant and make it while driving in traffic. Ugh. I guess for now I'm pushing on. I'm never one to but this really is a lot harder than it looks. Wish me luck.