My Stepdaughter (1) The Text

My 9 year old step-daughter Laura has been using her mom's phone to me sometimes. So I wasn't surprised to get a text from her on my way home this Friday. something about the text didn't feel right. I had a feeling it was my wife, Tanya, pretending to be her daughter and trying to make me feel .

The text something to the effect of, I you didn't work so late every day, dad, mom really misses you. I was like, That doesn't sound like something a 9-year-old would write. I mean, don't get me , she had a , I haven't been as much as I should lately, but still.

Anyway, I home and Laura runs over to greet me and give me a , and goes to whisper something in my ear. Tanya sees this, pushes her off and orders her to do some to keep her away from me, all of seemed a little suspicious, but I basically let it .