My Stepdaughter (2) At the Grocery Store

We were at the grocery store later and while Tanya was walking a bit us, I casually said to Laura, "I'd you didn't text me from your mom's phone." She was like, "What are you talking about? I used my mom's phone in weeks. I don't even know her password ."

At that point Tanya noticed us having a conversation, called Laura over and took her off to another aisle she and I couldn't talk. we met again, they had obviously discussed it. Laura apologized for saying things that weren't true, but I could tell she was really .

It was pretty clear that Tanya her to lie, either by to take away her phone or by promising to buy her a new toy. I decided not to deal with it right because I didn't want to start a fight in a store. , I waited until I was alone with Laura.