My Stepdaughter (3) No Doubt

Two days later I was finally able to have a private conversation with Laura. By then there was no in my mind that Tanya made Laura lie about the text. I stressed that I believed of this was really Laura's fault, but I that she needed to tell me the truth. I promised not to get mad, as long as I knew the truth. She eventually she had been forced to lie.

The weekend that followed wasn't fun. At one point Tanya and I got into a very heated argument and things got pretty . She me of being a lousy stepfather, talked about how disappointed she was with me as a partner and saying she wasn't sure if she and I had a future. I said that I thought she was unfair and asked her to try to see things from my .

She didn't. Instead, she kept me for everything that she thought wasn't working in our relationship. Then I . I said, "Yes, we actually might be toward divorce, which is why I'm drawing a line in the sand right now. Either you swallow your and stop being so and playing these ridiculous mind games and tell me the truth, or I can't imagine staying married to you."