My Stepdaughter (4) The Hidden Wallet

Tanya got all red in the face, stammered a little, not to know what I was talking about, tried to turn the , but I wasn't going to let her get under my this time. I ended up giving her an ultimatum. I said I be contacting a divorce lawyer first thing on Monday she came clean about the whole texting thing. That's when she finally cracked.

She started by confessing to something that I wasn't even worried about, but something I was of. I couldn't find my wallet late Saturday morning. I that Tanya had hidden it. She went off to look for it while I went downstairs. I told her she admit she had hidden it, but she stuck to her .

Sure , she turned up with it a while later, saying she found it in the space between the toilet lid and the storage shelf right above it. Laura must have it there, she said. , I thought, but I didn't say anything. Now I was getting the that I was right to suspect her.